InDesign CS6 Liquid Layout and Alternate Layout


Since I am going to be posting about the new things  that I learn, I thought I’d start out with what has been captivating my interest for the last little while.

Interactive Documents.

I have been using InDesign for years, but I have really only used it to create and layout print documents until now. CS5 and  CS6 make creating interactive documents, or just digital documents (like ebooks) much easier through the use of several new features.  You will probably read a lot about the newest tool in CS6, the Content Conveyor.  While this is a great new tool for moving content or duplicating pages far more easily, I don’t think it’s the most exciting new tool.  My favorites, by far, are the liquid layout and alternate layout tools.  By using these two tools together, InDesign lets you quickly and easily create layouts for both a horizontal screen and a vertical screen within the same document.  With more and more people getting tablets, the ability to create these two different layouts with minimal hassle is invaluable.  Over the next few weeks I am going to be posting tutorials and examples about the best ways to utilize these tools to quickly create alternate layouts.  After covering liquid and alternate layout I am going to talk about incorporating interactivity into your documents (pdf and otherwise).



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