InDesign CS6 Liquid Layout – Scale and Re-center


In my last post I talked about some of the useful new features in InDesign CS6. Today I am going to talk about two of the Liquid Layout rules: Scale and Re-center.  The first thing you have to remember when using the Liquid Layout rules is that you have to have the have the page tool selected.  Once you select the page with the page tool you can either use the Liquid Layout panel or the toolbar at the top to select which rule you want to use.

Top Toolbar when the Page Tool is selected


The Scale Rule

The Scale Rule keeps all of the elements on the page the same relative size no matter how you resize the page.  If you make the page larger or smaller in scale you will not have to resize your elements at all.  Resizing your page to portrait instead of landscape will result in having a landscape layout on a portrait page. This rule is great, but it does have some limitations.

Using the Scale Rule


The Re-Center Rule

The Re-center rule does exactly that; it will keep your content in the center of the page no matter how you resize it. It will keep the centers of your objects and the center of your page in alignment, no matter how you rezise your page.  However, the size of your elements will remain the same, no matter how you resize.  This could be useful, but I can’t see this rule being all that useful.

Using the Re-Center Rule


These are two of the four Liquid Layout rules. I think they are the less useful ones.  The Scale rule could be extremely useful, but only when resizing the page in scale.  In my experience this is not usually the case; usually you need to resize a page to specific dimensions and those dimensions are not usually in perfect relation to the current page size.  As for the Re-Center Rule, I can’t conceive a situation where that would be more useful than another rule.   In my next post I will talk about the other two rules, Object-Based and Guide-Based.


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